Barry’s Buzz- October 2021

“The Get To Principle – How to Get Happy, Get Going, and Get To It in Life”

(Ted Larkins)

“How you look at the world is how you treat it. How you treat the world is what the world becomes for you.” 

Get to Listen to Others

We, as humans, are who we are not in spite of, but because of other people. Everyone you meet today will help define who you are tomorrow. As important as being connected with others is, we have become more and more isolated, not willing, or able to truly connect with people. Yes, electronics and social media contribute, but the more fundamental problem is that we are not listening.”

To truly connect with people, we need to listen. There are three stages of listening: Not Listening, Shifting to Active Listening, and Immersion in the Conversation. As you become aware of these three stages while you are with people, you will automatically begin to hear and connect on a deeper level. Relationships will begin to have more meaning.”

“The next time you find your attention wandering in a meeting, or your thoughts drifting off listening to a friends’ story, stop them and say, “I’m sorry, I got lost in thought. Can you say that again?” Then focus on being present for the rest of the conversation. Afterwards, evaluate how you feel coming out of the conversation.”

In his book he talks about shifting from a “have to” mindset to a “get to!” The way you think about your actions is the way life is experienced.

For me I know I can go there. I can shut others out by not listening to them or stopping long enough to hear what they have to say. Easy to do, yes and is it easy to forget, another yes for me.

There is so much to learn from others and how we shift our mindset to the “The Get To Principle” helps us honor those around us and it helps us grow into that person we truly want to be!

  • “Refocusing your state of mind”
  • “Helping you find more joy in your everyday”
  • “Breaking your cycle of negativity”

As always thank you for the opportunity to share.