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Whether moving across the state, across the country, or around the world John L. Scott has the experience and expertise to offer support in a variety of ways.

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Personalized Needs Assessment

Our experienced Account Managers are dedicated to ensure you have the resources and assistance you need throughout your move.  An Account Manager will personally speak with you to:

  • Discuss specific market areas, provide an overview, and address key questions or concerns.
  • Determine the specific needs you have related to your move.
  • Outline a clear process of communication for you to address needs and concerns throughout your move.

Information Resources

We can provide you with a Customized Relocation Information Packet upon request including neighborhood specific information. A great resource, with access to helpful information about moving to the area.


Home Finding Assistance

We recognize that there is more to the moving process than simply buying a home.  At John L. Scott, we will help you identify a real estate professional who will assist you in getting to know specific market area based on your lifestyle preferences.  We have the resources necessary to help with your home finding and will strive to ensure every detail is handled with the utmost care and efficiency.

Our service includes:

  • Home finding needs assessment interview with an Account Manager from our Relocation Department, including an overview of the market and they buying process.
  • Customized Relocation Information Packet (available upon request)
  • Assistance in selecting a relocation-trained REALTOR®, matched to your specific needs and time frame.
  • Home Buyer’s Guide (View/Download)
  • Property Tracker
  • John L. Scott GPS Home Search App

Home Marketing Assistance

Getting the right price and selling your home quickly are two key components of a successful move.  The process of selling and marketing your home can be one of the most stressful factors of a move, as it can impact many decisions you may be making.

Three factors required to sell your home quickly are:

  • Presentation: Showing your home in the best light
  • Promotion: Marketing your home to brokers and buyers
  • Pricing: Well-positioning your home in the current market

Our services include:

  • Home marketing needs assessment interview with an Relocation Department Account Manager from our Relocation Department, including an overview of the home sale process
  • Assistance in selecting a relocation-trained REALTOR®, matched to your specific market area and time frame
  • Comprehensive market analysis
  • Pre-listing property preview and staging recommendations
  • Comprehensive marketing plan
  • Extensive online marketing campaign
  • Selling Your Home Guide (View/Download)

Additional Corporate Assistance Services

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Candidate Tours and Area Overviews

Candidate tours and/or area overviews are excellent options that can provide a candidate or recent new hire with a general overview of our local market areas that they may have a particular interest in.

  • One-on-one call with the candidate or recent new hire to provide an overview of the particular market area, and address key questions or concerns.
  • Personalized candidate tour or area overview with a trained REALTOR® to address specific interests, housing and needs.

Inventory Management

John L. Scott has experienced Inventory Account Managers who oversee the entire process for homes that go into corporate inventory.  This includes everything from utility/maintenance setup, obtaining bids and overseeing approved work, to contract negotiation and close-out of files.  Our objective is to reduce inventory time through aggressive marketing in order to achieve a quick sale at the highest possible price.

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Group Move Assistance/One-Site Visits

John L. Scott knowledgeable Relocation Team is well equipped to assist with an group move or on-site presentation needs.  We understand that a successful group move requires significant planning and typically a customized presentation.  We can assist in this process in a number of ways, including:

Customized presentations and information packets tailored to the specific needs of the employer and/or relocation management company.

  • Detailed area market information
  • Overview of the home purchase/rental process for the local market
  • Overview of the home sale process for the local market
  • On-site meeting

Concierge Services Upon Request

With over 90 years of experience, we continue to build strong relationships with companies who provide services to candidates, newcomers and homebuyers with a personal touch.

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