Barry’s Buzz- June 2021

To Be, or Not to Be? That is the question.

Based on Podcast by Greg Bell

Author Water the Bamboo: Unleashing Your Potential

“It’s essential to have a vision for your future and life but being present is just as important.”

“Many people DO things, such as a job, to HAVE things, so that one day they can BE (i.e. retire). In retirement, they can finally just BE. “

Greg shares a story of his father who retired who shared what he wanted to do. It was finally his turn to BE! “I realized that he had spent so much time doing and having that he had to relearn how to just BE. He was in the habit of doing and having — what if we flipped the model and learned to Be, Do, Have. 

Greg goes on to say. “I believe that if you learn first what it is for you to Be, then Do, then Have, you’ll get more satisfaction out of life and have abundance. You will have a career, not a job, and you will make life choices that contribute to how you want to show up and add value to the world. “

It is a mind shift for me, personally. I know that over the years I have worked hard at finding my place in the world I live in. Trying to do the right things for family, friends, community, and career. Along the way I am sure I have lost my way at times and like many of us tried to find balance to only see it slip away.

We all are so fortunate to work in an industry that we love and helping others find their BE can only enhance our own BE. Much continued success to all of you and thank you as always for letting me share.

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