Barry’s Buzz – May 2021

5 Traits to look for in a mentor!!!

(Author Unknown)

Over the years and many journals later I came across something I had written down about traits of a mentor.

As I have grown, I have been very fortunate to have mentors in my life from my grandfather, my dad, and many others that took me under their wing to help me fly on my own. Today I am still blessed to have a few mentors that remind me of what it means to help others grow as well!!!

  • A mentor helps guide you by building trust and modeling positive behavior.
  • A mentor understands their role by being engaged and tuned in to the needs of others.
  • A mentor empowers people to make positive choices.
  • A mentor helps people develop core values.
  • A mentor encourages people to take ownership in their learning.

I am sure any of you could add to this list what your mentors have meant to you along your journey. I am still being blessed by so many in this industry that are so willing to be my mentor, my go to person, and my friend! We need more mentors in this world for sure!

I applaud all of you for being a mentor to so many in your lives. Thank you for allowing me to share!