The Power of a Positive Team – Barry’s Buzz

The Power of a Positive Team – By Barry Matheny, V.P. of Relocation Services

“The Power of a Positive Team: Proven Principles and Practices that Make Great Trams Great” – Jon Gordon

Building a strong team both personally and professionally means you need to build strong relationships.  In his book Jon shares 4C’s that will help improve those relationships.

  • Communicate: Communication builds trust. Trust generates commitment. Commitment fosters teamwork and teamwork delivers results. It all starts with great communication.
  • Connect: Connection is where a bond of trust is created. Connecting is essential because you’ll never have commitment without connection.
  • Commit: Commit to your team by finding ways to serve them and make them better. When you commit to your team members you demonstrate that WE is more important than me and you become the leader and team you are meant to be.
  • Care: When people know you care about your team they will be more likely to care about you and what you have to say. When you care, you build a team that cares. A team that cares builds greatness together.

We all want to succeed and in today’s fast paced world, the 4 principles are more important than ever. How we communicate; how we connect; how we commit to those around us; and how we show we care plays such a huge role in our day-to-day lives, both personally and professionally. Being genuine will have a huge impact on them and you.

Thank you for allowing me to share!