Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – The Lake City

Coeur d’Alene – The Lake City

A popular resort city that is a beautiful place to live, Coeur d’Alene. Nicknamed “Lake City” it is predominantly a tourism destination in the northern Idaho panhandle.

The name was given to the area by French fur traders upon noticing the shrewd business practices of Native American traders. They called the lake Coeur d’Alene meaning, “their hearts were as sharp as an awl.”

In the early 1890s, the city served as a railroad and steamboat transfer point. This allowed transportation between mines in the nearby Silver Valley and the smelters in eastern states. Later in the early 1900s, a timber boom caused an explosion in population growth – 16 fold in 10 years!

Tourism is a major resource for the city’s economy. The city’s biggest star is the Coeur d’Alene Resort with luxury guest accommodations such as golf, a spa, and fine dining. The golf course in unlike any other. Here, the unique in that the floating green on the 14th hole can be moved. Cables attached to the bottom of the lake can change the distance from tee to hole anywhere from 75 to 175 yards.

The city bustles with festivals, fairs, concerts. Many of the activities center on the lake with a reputation of such beauty that is world-renowned. Both visitors and locals enjoy water skiing, fishing, jet skiing, parasailing, boat cruises, and seaplane rides.

There is no shortage of things for this city to offer. Theme parks, zip lines, hiking, backpacking, breweries, distilleries, parks, museums, casinos and more offer dozens of options to entertain even the most restless of personalities.