Barry’s Buzz November 2020

Barry’s Message:

As many of you know that have read my message over the past few years I try to find something that might be relevant and helpful that you may use with your teams, family, friends or even someone you have yet to meet.  Here goes!!!!

“My mantra for uncertain times”

(Reflections from Holstee, Dave Radparvar Co-Founder)

Dave states: “I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and out-of-sync lately. Maybe you have too. I am tired of not seeing my friends and family. I am tired of feeling grief for so many who have fallen ill or lost their lives. I am tired of saying let’s wait and see how things are next month.”

Of course, it is not easy, but as he states, “I can always choose how I react in the moment.”

  • “I can be kind” to those around me or those I talk to during the day
  • “I can be present” by staying in the moment and recognizing the value that I can bring to those that I am with right now at this moment as well as the value they bring to me
  • “I can be grateful” that I have people I can turn to and the comfort that gives me

When I read things like this, I am truly reminded of the value that reunites my spirit. It allows me to see how I can truly make a difference for someone else and how they can impact me as well.

As always thank you for allowing me to share. I am grateful for all you!  Be safe!