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Being All In – By Barry Matheny, V.P. of Relocation Services

“ALL IN” (Story of Gian Paul Gonzalez)

Just recently I had the pleasure of listening to Gian Paul speak at the Pacific NW Relocation Council meeting (PNwRC). It has been almost a year since I heard him for the first time. The story is an amazing one about a 9th grade high school teacher who played a huge role in helping the New York Giants football team change their mindset from losing to winning the Super Bowl. His message was about being “ALL IN”. Are you willing to make an impact not just on yourself, but the other teammates as well!

The story goes a lot further than that; for me it is the reason I wanted to highlight what I learned and was reminded of again. In life we have choices we can either get in it or get out of it. We can choose to be involved or we can choose not to be involved. That applies to our work, our personal lives, and also those we touch with our attitude every day.

Good Vibes Only

Making a difference is not always easy and having the right “mindset” can be difficult at times. That is where our internal strength and support from others comes to help us take that step to being “ALL IN”!

In fact, in our business we have change going on around us. We have new players on the field. Our mindset should not be about the change we are experiencing. It should be about how we as individuals and us as partners show up to those we serve. It should be about our communities and “Living Life as a Contribution” one person at a time. For me, personally, it is about be “ALL IN”.

Thank you, as always, for allowing me to share. I am honored to be in an industry that gives back and working with people who truly care about making a difference.

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