West Richland Housing Development

West Richland approves massive housing development on 148 acres

Richlands populations could be increased by 15 percent because of a new proposed housing development on 148 acres of land.

“The Heights at Red Mountain Ranch will add 563 single-family residential lots on 148 acres with the option of later adding 226 multi-family homes on 36 more acres. The first phase of the 10-phase project—expected to begin this fall—includes 105 homes. The average residential lot size will be 7,702 square feet.” (tricitiesbusinessnews)

There are plans to have large lots felt open on the north and south of the neighborhood to eventually built businesses to serve the development.

If this project sticks to schedule it has a 10-year goal; ending with 563 homes, which includes five duplexes. Once completed an estimated 2,249 people will live there.

“Developer Frank Tiegs LLC and Aho Construction hope to break ground on the first 105 homes and extend Keene Road this fall. Aho Construction is proud to have been a part of the growth in the Tri-Cities over the last three decades. Having built thousands of homes in Pasco, Aho Construction is excited about its next chapter and opportunity in providing attainable housing in West Richland,” Cooney said. Aho Construction has homes for sale in developments in Sunnyside, Quincy, Moses Lake, Moxee and Cheney.” (tricitiesbusinessnews)

Right now the property is farmland and because the project is so large the city is requiring the developers to extend the road to accommodate the project.

Some long term plans include a fire station and a light industrial park.

The Heights at Red Mountain Ranch will include nearly 15 acres of open space accessible to the public. Including seven-acre park with a playground, playfield large enough to accommodate a U-14 soccer game, bathrooms, basketball court, picnic shelter and benches.

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