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Team Values – By Barry MathenyV.P. of Relocation Services

I read an article this week by my friends at “Reflections at Holstee”, Mike and Dave Radparvar

It reminded me of things that over the years I have talked about or experienced with individuals and teams that I have worked with. We all know that everyone is different and yet the same in so many ways when it comes to how we interact with each other and those we serve.

  • Take Time & Give Space: Once we decide what we want to accomplish, we give ourselves ample time to see it through. We give space to our teammates that allows them to see their projects through as well. In a world that is ever changing it is important to slow down and see where we are, so we understand how to get where we are going. It is so important to allow those we work with the opportunity to grow.
  • Be Honest: We must trust and care enough for each other to be honest with our work, our feelings, and our goals. We ask for feedback and kindly share our opinions, we are supportive; we trust and care for others. And we are there when someone needs us.
  • Give It Your All: Whatever we are doing, we do it with the craftsman’s spirit: with care, thought, and precision. We work not just with our hands or our head, but also with our heart.
  • Consider The Impact: Be aware of the impact our actions have on others. Don’t allow your personal feelings to stop you from moving forward. When you are interdependent as a team the team will have a sense of dependency between them.
  • Challenge Is An Opportunity: When something turns out differently than expected this becomes an opportunity to explore and learn something new. Those that search out those opportunities win.
  • Provide Clarity: Clarity gives us certainty and confidence that what we do together, we accomplish together. It gives us direction, yet the freedom to explore new opportunities.
  • Write Your Own Story: Be the author of the story of your life. Also be proud of who you are and those things that bring value to others. Be grateful and understand the power that comes with that! We all have a story about who we are and what truly matters to us and those we work with every day.

As always thank you for allowing me to share. I know that each of us is always looking for ways to make ourselves better and our teams productive. In fact, it takes all of us to do that. I truly believe that as an individual our growth comes from what we learn from others. That’s how we interact in the world we live in.