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What Sets Leaders Apart? – By Barry Matheny, V.P. of Relocation Services

“Who you are matters when it comes to leadership!” (Seattle University Albers School Of Business Dr. Marilyn Gist, professor and associate Dean of Executive Programs)
What sets these people apart?
  • They are motivated (and humbled) by others: “It is about collaborating with people and moving them through change to a more positive future. To make that happen requires curiosity about and a deep concern for others. As well as behaviors, that support their dignity. In fact, a humble leader is not shy about asking others for advice or guidance, and isn’t uncomfortable to admit she or he doesn’t have the answers.”
  • They believe in and promote a respective work environment: “When a leader genuinely cares about his or her employees, that’s felt in the company.”
  • Operates with integrity: “The consistency between word and deed — is a baseline quality for any manager aspiring to become a widely-admired leader.”
  • Has a high level of self-awareness: “When a leader understands that everyone is different and can back off a sense of ‘me, me, me,’ they’re going to understand and respect people better, and that understanding will be reflected in everything they do.”

Our opportunity as leaders is to lead by example; in so doing show others that a team is about each other and working together to reach the end-result. Respecting those around us and “walking the talk” with integrity and also remaining humble along the way. It is not just about us…it is about each team member and his or her value to the team.

Thank you for allowing me to share!