Be the Spark – Barry’s Buzz

 Be the Spark – By Barry Matheny, V.P. of Relocation Services

“The Simplest Mindset Shift That Changes Everything – Starts With You!” – Simon T. Bailey
  • What is the spark? “I believe that in every successful organization or business, credit is due to at least one person who decided to be the spark for the customer. It’s that hello, that smile that can really make a huge difference. I believe everyone can do that.”
  • What makes you come alive? “What gives you that fire in your belly, that glow in your eye? If you don’t have the spark, find it.”
  • Be the spark! Once you are, you will impact everyone around you.
  • Be the Spark is introspective! “What sets me on fire to do the best I can do, to make the most of the day? How can I then spread that in my work, in my business, in my life, in my community? How do I make this a way of life for me?”

We all do this right!  After all it is what we do. We are in the relationship business and building those bonds can have a huge impact on those we serve.  It can give us confidence that we have made an impact and helped create a Spark in others.

Thank you for allowing me to share!