Where Is America Moving?

Where Is America Moving?

On average, one out of every ten Americans move each year for a variety of reasons. A recent study performed by Atlas analyzed 2018 data of U.S. states with the highest percentage of inbound and outbound moves. This Migration Patterns study yielded some interesting results.

So where is everyone going? States were put into three different categories: inbound (higher number of people moving into the state), outbound (higher number of people moving out of the state), and balanced. Thirteen states had more than 55% of people moving in, while fourteen had more than 55% of people moving out of state. Twenty-three states registered as balanced – meaning that moves both into and out of the state were roughly equal.

In 2018, the total number of interstate and cross-border moves in North America totaled 71,092. Statistics show a decline in the total number of those who relocated from the previous year, with 72,986 total moves in 2017. The Western states ranked the highest in percentage of inbound moves across the United States. The top ten ranked as follows:

  • Nevada (67.8%) – Rank #1
  • Idaho (66.2%) – Rank #2
  • Oregon (57.1%) – Rank #6
  • Washington (57.0%) – Rank #7
  • New Mexico (56.0%) – Rank #9
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Washington State Ranks Seventh On Migration Study



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