Tamera Camp – Broker Spotlight


Tamera Camp

John L. Scott – Federal Way Office

“Today our beach house at Dash Point will close. By anyone’s analysis it’s a unique place requiring a unique buyer. Located at the bottom of a steep hillside, accessible by tram, it is charming, quaint and idiosyncratic. Tamera and Jeff were equal to the task!

They worked so hard to complete this sale. Unlike other homes where cooperating brokers could access via the lock box, due to the tram, Tamera or Jeff personally went on site every time there was a showing. Not only that, but with every showing they arrived an hour ahead of time to blow debris off the walkways, uncover deck furniture, vacuum dead flies off the windowsills, and return up the tram to greet their guests. This went on all summer long without a single offer. Finally in September, we were ready to pull the house off the market, assuming no one would buy that late in the year. Tamera convinced us to wait until October, and lo and behold we had a firm offer.

Having been in the commercial real estate business for most of my career, and having recruited and trained many agents, I know an excellent professional when I see one. Jeff & Tamera are a terrific team. They are organized, competent, and willing to work as hard as is necessary to get the deal done. There was never a time when I had to call to find out what was happening, as they constantly communicated with us. And even though we know a lot about selling commercial buildings we don’t know zip about selling houses! Those two capably  guided us through the entire process. We are more than pleased with the service we received, and want to complement you, Mike, on the excellent training you provided to your agents.”

Sincerely – J & B.W.