Lennox Scott receives Leadership Award

Lennox Scott receives LeadingRE’s Leadership Award

LeadingRE’s Leadership Award is a distinction that celebrates brokers whose leadership skills and achievements have drawn the attention and admiration of others. On Feb. 1 in Las Vegas, Chairman and CEO J. Lennox Scott was given quite the surprise by receiving this honor.

Here’s the back story: Lennox had no idea he had been nominated so the award, it was a complete surprise! The submission was made on his behalf in November, 2017. He was chosen for exemplifying the core value of John L. Scott Real Estate: Live Life as a Contribution. “Lennox consistently demonstrates the strength of his conviction in Living Life as a Contribution. He can simultaneously ‘talk the talk’ and ‘walk the walk’. Over the ensuring years, he has built an unparalleled legacy,” Barry Matheny said in his nomination.

No one from the Executive Team had been notified Lennox was going to receive the award. When his name was announced on Feb. 1, it was a surprise to everyone– especially Lennox! Jennifer Lind, VP of Business Strategy said, “It was so rewarding to see his smile. It felt great to know we had done a small thing for a leader who continues to give us so much.”

“Our Conference Week brings together professionals from the best residential real estate companies in the world to focus on global real estate trends and providing exceptional experiences to home buyers and sellers,” said LeadingRE President/CEO Pam O’Connor. “A highlight of the event is celebrating the achievements of those members who have performed at the very highest levels.”