Yakima, WA

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In southern, central Washington, you’ll find the quaint, agricultural center of Yakima. Most of thenations hops are grown here. And Over 50 wineries dot the Yakima Valley. The rich soil mimics theconditions of France, which makes this fertilevalley so productive. Apples are another major crop here,but you’ll also find peaches, pears, melons, peppers, corn, and beans growing here as well.

The Yakima River feeds all this farmland,but the river is a popular spot for fishing, boating, andrecreation as well. There’s 10 miles of trails and a wildlife sanctuary that allow all sorts of visitors toenjoy the river.

Downtown Yakima has been revitalizedfrom a former retail coreto a more pedestrian friendlyexperience with local boutiques, artisan shops, and restaurants. Downtown is a great spot for the city’sevents including the annual New Years Eve party, Cinco de Mayo, live music summer kick off,an annualhopsfestival, and weekly farmer’s markets to enjoy all the wonderful produce grown here.

There’s plenty to do outside of downtown. You can’t miss the Central Washington Fair, arboretum,historicCapitoltheatre, or Allied arts center!

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