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Vancouver, Washington is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in the state. Established in 1825, the city beat British Columbia’s Vancouver settlement by over 40 years. Located on the Washington and Oregon border along the Columbia River, Vancouver is the state’s fourth-largest city.

Since its establishment, Vancouver has been an important epicenter of Northwest living and commerce. Its wartime shipyards necessitated affordable housing options for the tremendous influx of workers responsible for the Allied war effort. Many of these new residents stayed after the war, contributing to the rich culture and sustained growth of the area.

Today, most of the ship-building infrastructure has been replaced by the beautiful, newly-built Vancouver Waterfront. This vibrant community of restaurants, shops, condominiums, and apartments means that Vancouver is open for business and ready for the next chapter of its’ colorful history. Don’t miss an opportunity to sip a glass of wine, and admire the views of Mt Hood and the Columbia River as you strategize which part of Vancouver to see next.

A short hop from the waterfront, you’ll find Ester Short Park and the adjoining Ester Short neighborhood. Named for the founder of Vancouver, the park is the oldest public square in the Pacific Northwest. With over five acres of green space, the area is considered the cultural and commercial center of town.

Vancouver is bordered to the south and west by the Columbia River. It’s only natural that the population continued to reach east to take advantage of riverfront access. Growth in the 70s, especially with the opening of the Glen Jackson Bridge, created unprecedented demand for affordable housing and community development. Cascade Park, was one of the first major east county developments and redefined Vancouver housing from the 70s through the 90s. Its’ community walkability, numerous neighborhoods of mixed-use housing, schools, and services continue to make this a popular and sought-after location.

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