Hayden, ID

Welcome to Our Community

Hayden, Idaho, is a suburb of Coeur d’Alene and sits on the southwest shore of Hayden Lake. The town has a sparse suburban feel, which is excellent for residents who like a quieter way of life, but also want the amenities its nearby cities, like Spokane, have to offer. Downtown Hayden is also home to a variety of locally owned-stores and restaurants

There are six parks in Hayden, making up a total of 57.5 acres of green space for residents to enjoy. The local parks, which include McIntyre Family Park and Honeysuckle Beach, are great for family and group activities, from picnics to soccer games. All this, not to mention the abundance of easily accessible woodlands and mountains, great for hiking and other outdoor recreation. Between the deer and the wild turkey, it’s also a fantastic area for hunting enthusiasts.

Schools in the area are above average and are part of the Coeur d’Alene school district. For higher education, the University of Idaho and North Idaho College are both close by.

The vast majority of homes in Hayden are single detached homes, most of which are at least three- or four-bedroom houses.

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