The ABC’s of Life- BARRY’S BUZZ

The ABC’s of Life

I have in my office a plaque that was given to me many years ago from my team. Today I am reminded of what it says and why each day we live we can make a difference by the example we set.

  • Accept Differences Be Kind Count Your Blessings Dream Express Thanks Forgive Give Freely ● Harm No One ● Imagine More ● Jettison Anger ● Keep Confidences ● Love Truly ● Master Something ● Nurture Hope ● Open Your Mind ● Pack Lightly ● Quell Rumors ● Reciprocate ● Seek Wisdom ● Touch Hearts ● Understand ● Value Truth ● Win Graciously ● Xeriscape ● Yearn For Peace ● Zealously Support A Worthy Cause!”

As always thank you for allowing me to share. Be safe!