Kristina Stader & Terah Wharregard – Broker Spotlight


Kristina Stader & Terah Stader-Wharregard

John L. Scott – Grants Pass Office

“We would like to thank both you ladies for all of your hard work. In three weeks you achieved what another agency couldn’t do in nine months. The Stader Realty Team is amazing! We could tell the difference from our first conversation. You were both completely honest, sincere, and very professional throughout. Everything you said were going to do, you did. Every question we had, you answered. Your written ad was concise and thorough. The professional photographs were incredibly well done. Most importantly, they displayed the property and each room in such an honest manner it gave prospective buyers an accurate impression of our home.

Under you ladies our home showed more in three weeks than the entire nine months with the first agency we were with. You showed our house yourselves multiple times, our first agent – zero times. Our previous agent, I guess, just wanted to put a sign up with his picture and have us keep lowering our price until it was such an unbelievably good deal it would sell. He didn’t seem to care if it was a good deal for us. Because you both worked hard from the first moment we spoke, our home sold for nearly our asking price.

From the moment we signed the contract accepting you ladies as our realtors, you were there all the way to the closing of the deal. You turned (what was) a very negative, frustrating experience with a realtor/agency, in to the easiest, most pain free, experience imaginable. We felt like you always had our back. We regret that we wasted nine months by not having you from the beginning! It was a pleasure working with both of you, you are both rock stars!!! If you ever need a recommendation, please feel free to use this letter. If we can save people from wasting their time (and therefore money) with the wrong agent by getting them to consider you, it will be our pleasure.”




Kristina Stader & Terah Stader – Wharregard

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